Graham is guitarist and vocalist with Aberdeen-based ceilidh/celtic rock band Shindig.

He is also a songwriter and performs solo. His song subjects range from the musings of a lazy alligator waiting for mankind to provide his latest meal in the form of a train crash, the story of a communist East German DJ's love of the Rolling Stones and the salesman trying sell the idea of evolution to early mankind.

He has experience in many diverse musical areas - co-writing the Scottish Musical A Land Fit For Heroes, contributing songs to an obscure Randy Newman tribute album and, in his days as a football fan, writing the poignant "Half Past Four And We're Two-Nil Down" for Aberdeen FC, sadly all too often the team took the song literally.

He is also involved in the mythical All Night Decorators and the JingBang ceilidh band.

Graham has recently been involved in a variety of music and song-writing projects including Deesong, a Burnsong project linking environmental issues and songwriting in primary Schools - previous similar work has included Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin, Feis, Music4Kidz, Skirlin Birlin & Dirlin, SC&t and others.

Deesong Deesong2 Burns & Rivers - Deesong Woodend Concert

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Penguins & Polar Bears - Penguins & Polar Bears

Daddy DJ - Daddy DJ mp3

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